Meet the Team


Meet Maeva

Facilities Manager
Currier House ’18
Likes: pretty wrapping paper
Dislikes: maraschino cherries
Favorite Drink: London Fog

Meet Emily

Finance Manager
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Moving
Favorite Drink: Thin Mint, soy milk

Meet Lilian

Marketing Manager
Currier House ’17
Likes: brunch
Dislikes: losing things
Favorite Drink: Salted Caramel Latte, half sweet

Meet Brett

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Miss Havisham
Dislikes: trash
Favorite drink: Teenage Dreamsicle

Meet Alexa

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17-‘18
Likes: hash browns
Dislikes: the color gray
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice

Meet Tim

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Dislikes
Dislikes: Likes
Favorite Drink: molten lava, not too hot

Meet Pepo

Pforzheimer House ’19
Likes: pastries
Dislikes: potatoes
Favorite Drink: Pinkberry


Meet Haley

Currier House ’19
Likes: dark humor
Dislikes: decaf
Favorite Drink: Queen Bee