Espresso Shot   1.5
A shot of espresso, straight up.

Latte  3
Espresso shot with smooth steamed milk – try it with salted caramel.

Mocha   3.5
A latte with chocolate – try it with hazelnut syrup for a Nutella-me-more, or iced with creme de menthe for our speciality Thin Mint. 

Americano   2
Espresso and hot water.

Frappe   4.5
A delicious blended coffee chocolate drink. 

Note: flavor shots additional 0.5

Check in-house and on our Facebook page for seasonal specialties!


Loose Leaf Tea   2
Choose from a great range of our loose leaf tea from MemTea.

Tea Latte   3
Tea steeped in steamed milk – try our Mint Matcha and Chocolate Red Chili options.

London Fog   3
A steamy Earl Grey tea latte with a vanilla swirl.

Chai Latte   3
Chai tea mixed with steamed milk with a vanilla swirl. 

Tai Chi Chai Tea   3.5
Our most popular drink, an iced vanilla chai.

Pinkberry   3
Crimson Berry tea steeped in lemonade.

Others and Food

Hot Chocolate   2.5
A delicious smooth hot drink made with Ghirardelli chocolate. 

Steamer   2.5
A warm cup of steamed milk – try adding a flavor shot of lavender or coconut.

Lemonade   2
For those hot, summer, Cambridge days.. try adding blueberry pomegranate for a refreshing hit!

Italian Soda   2
Pick your flavor, any flavor!

A selection of Iggy’s Bagels   2
Enjoy with plain or chive cream cheese.

Check in-house for the latest food specials!

Note: Please let your barista know if you have any allergies before ordering.

What’s Our Story?

Cabot Café is a student-run coffee shop at Harvard University serving the fabulous Quad community and beyond. The Café offers espresso drinks, tea, chai, food and more. Cabot Café is a nightly coffee house from Sunday through Thursday, also serving as a gallery space, a venue for student performers and other on-campus events.

Cabot Café brings people together.  We love our customers and hope to bring a smile to your night spent studying or just hanging out in our beautiful space.
Come for coffee, stay for community.

More Our Story Contact Us

Meet the Team

Meet Maeva

Meet Maeva

Facilities Manager
Currier House ’18
Likes: pretty wrapping paper
Dislikes: maraschino cherries
Favorite Drink: London Fog

Meet Emily

Meet Emily

Finance Manager
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Moving
Favorite Drink: Thin Mint, soy milk

Meet Lily

Meet Lilian

Marketing Manager
Currier House ’17
Likes: brunch
Dislikes: losing things
Favorite Drink: Salted Caramel Latte, half sweet

Meet Brett

Meet Brett

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Miss Havisham
Dislikes: trash
Favorite drink: Teenage Dreamsicle

Meet Alexa

Meet Alexa

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17-‘18
Likes: hash browns
Dislikes: the color gray
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice

Meet Tim

Meet Tim

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Dislikes
Dislikes: Likes
Favorite Drink: molten lava, not too hot


Meet Emily

Cabot House ’19
Likes: sarcastic people
Dislikes: unsarcastic people
Favorite Drink: The Blondie


Meet Haley

Currier House ’19
Likes: dark humor
Dislikes: decaf
Favorite Drink: Queen Bee

Meet Skip

Meet Skip

Senior Barista
Cabot House ’17
Likes: Horses
Dislikes: my horse allergies
Favorite Drink: The Blondie

Find Us

You’ll find us in the basement of
Cabot House E-Entryway
to the right of the Dining Hall.

We are open nightly Sunday – Thursday, 8pm – 1am.